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AccuVein has a Big Future in the NHS

Spectator Health article “Needling a vein can be torture for the doctor, too — this ‘magic torch’ is the answer” Spectator Health recently published an online article by Dr Brian Campbell BA BM BCh FRCA, sharing his experience of the AccuVein AV400. “It has always troubled me as a doctor that, before I can help a patient, I first have to hurt them. I am referring to the necessary needling read more

AccuVein Not Just For Paediatrics

Finding veins for blood tests or any other treatment just got a whole lot easier thanks to AccuVein. The AccuVein vein viewer is being used by the whole team at Mercy Health in Fairfield Ohio. Emergency room nurse Lori Morgan said, “It is a great tool and we use it all over the hospital here.” About Mercy Health Mercy Health is the largest non-profit healthcare system in Ohio, with a mission to serve read more

Accuveins for Children at the Royal Free And Barnet

Supporters of the Royal Free Charity enable various clinical departments to purchase extra medical equipment that falls outside the scope of NHS funding but can complement a patient’s medical treatment and improve their experience. Ilana told us ‘after a visit with my toddler to the Royal Free A&E, I discovered that they do not have an Accuvein: a device that illuminates a patient’s veins to assist clinicians when taking blood. read more

AccuVein featured on TV

The AccuVein vein viewer was featured on a children’s tv programme. read more

EVA Featured in Aesthetic Medicine

Q Medical Technologies has launched Nova Clinical’s vaginal enhancement device, EVA, into the UK market. The EVA uses patented VDR™ (Vaginal Dynamic Radiofrequency) technology. Based on the dynamic quadripolar energy emission, VDR™ focuses the action on the targeted layer of the vaginal tissue by means of a self-guided system, thus reducing drastically the power usage compared to traditional devices and virtually eliminating the risk of burns. This technology allows to read more

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