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Q Shield makes it to the to the top of the world
Royal Navy Doctor, Khumbo Challenge Expedition 2010

using Q shield hand sanitizer significantly reduced the number of cases of Diarrhoea and vomiting from previous years

Statement from the current UK Health Protection agency web site

Hands continue to play a major role in the transmission of infection in all healthcare environments. Hand cleansing is the single most important factor in the prevention of infection and curbs the spread of potentially pathogenic organisms.

Lord Warner, the former government Health Minister, has been quoted as saying

The scientific evidence proves that persistent products mark a step-change in the fight against the swine flu pandemic. The long-lasting nature of the product, combined with its safety, means that persistent hygiene products have the potential to revolutionise the way we deal with swine flu and superbugs.

tick Protects against MRSA

tick Protects against Norovirus

tick Protects against E-Coli

tick Protects for up to 24 hours

tick Does not wash off

It is applied by simply spraying onto the palm of the hands and rubbing them together for a few seconds, until air dried. It forms a microscopic coating on the skin, and becomes bonded to it. You cannot see it or feel it, but can rest assured it is there.   A leading Infection Control Specialist said “This is by far the most effective skin cleanser available today”.

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