Q Diagnostic Technologies is delighted to be able to offer one of the most exciting new products in recent times.  Accuvein is the most effective way to find veins up to 7 mm depth in the most difficult patients.  It is already in use in hospitals across the USA and is starting to be recognised within the UK in Hospitals such as Guys and St Thomas’s,  St Bartholomew’s, Queens Medical Centre Nottingham, Leeds teaching hospitals, Addenbrookes,Warrington and many more.  It can be used in many specialties and areas from neonatal care units to cancer untis, operating theatres, baraitric surgery centres and phlebotomy labs.  

This most versatile product has uses in the training of clinicians and emergency medicine as well.  

For an infection control/ prevention company Accuvein is an essential part of our product portfolio, with research statistics showing as 70% of hospital acquired infections comefrom multiple attempts to access the venous system of patients.  These statstics show that the Accuvein could become one of the most important infection prevention products in use today.

Visit the web site to see videos of the Accuvein in use.  www.accuvein.com