As part of the SurgiMend family of collagen matrices for soft tissue reconstruction, SurgiMend-e is specifically designed for application in ventral hernia repair. SurgiMend-e is elliptically shaped, measures 10 X 25 cm and incorporates fenestrations. These features, in addition to all other attributes common to SurgiMend, make it ideal for reinforcing complex hernias at the midline more efficiently and economically.

SurgiMend-e has been demonstrated clinically effective for reinforcing hernia repairs using a large variety of techniques, and when placed as an underlay or onlay.

SurgiMend is available in different sizes, shapes and configurations to match the demands of each of these clinical scenarios. SurgiMend-e is specifically shaped and sized for reinforcing large midline ventral hernia repairs.

This technique video demonstrates abdominal wall reconstruction with unilateral component separation and underlay using 3 mm thick SurgiMend.

WARNING: Video shows graphic surgical procedures.

Key Features

  • Elliptical: Shaped to mimic the native geometry of the abdominal wall and hernia repair.
  • Easy to use: Designed to minimize material preparation. Measuring, trimming, or perforating is not necessary. In addition, as with other SurgiMend products, SurgiMend-e hydrates rapidly and has a five-year, room-temperature shelf life.
  • Economical: TEI understands the economic pressures facing all healthcare systems. Leveraging SurgiMend’s superior biomechanical properties, SurgiMend-e is optimally and accurately sized, allowing for smaller area (~196cm2) and less discarded material (the area of the ellipse is ~21% smaller than the area of the corresponding rectangle). As a result, the durable and lasting repair that SurgiMend provides is now more economical.
  • Extras: inc fenestrations to facilitate fluid drainage and available in 3mm thicknesses to provide superior strength.

Surgimend-e product information

Abdominal wall reconstruction using Surgimend

WARNING: Videos show graphic surgical procedures.

Surgimend images


SurgiMend e3.0 sizes and product code

SurgiMend e3.0 10 x 25 cm x 3.0 mmNon FenestratedSM-606-300-022

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