Radio Frequency Surgery

Ellman Radio Frequency surgery units are used in all surgical applications except Spine and Neuro surgery as the Elliquence Radio frequency units are used in these specialities.  The Ellman Radio Frequency technology has been in use for over 40 years and has been continually improved to date.   Ellman Radio Frequency units are considered to be the world “Gold standard” in radio frequency surgery.

Please see our video selection to discover how this technology works and how it can benefit your patients, yourself and your hospital.

A comprehensive range of electrodes and accessories, designed by leading surgeons from around the world, are available for every surgical speciality, including Dermatology, Plastic & Reconstructive, ENT, Head & Neck Surgery, Ophthalmic & Oculoplastic, Maxillo-Facial, Oral, Orthopaedic, Neurosurgery, Dental, Gynaecology, Vascular Surgery, General Surgery, Colo-Rectal Surgery, and Family Practice. Dedicated Ellman Radiosurgery Instruments are also available for Specialist and General Veterinary Surgery

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