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SurgiMend FAQs

What impact will hydration in hot saline have on SurgiMend?

Heated saline solutions may damage the product, potentially eliciting an inflammatory response upon implantation. Always verify that the saline is at room temperature (15-30°C; 59-86°F) prior to hydration.

Can the hydration process be sped up in the operating room?

Yes. As indicated in the Instructions for Use, you may speed hydration somewhat by applying light pressure with sterile-gloved fingers to squeeze out any bubbles trapped within the matrix.

Should the product be cut to size while dry, or following hydration?

SurgiMend may be cut to size to meet the individual patient’s needs in either its dry or its hydrated state. Note that the mesh may swell slightly upon hydration.

Can SurgiMend be stretched intraoperatively or in clinic?

Yes. Derived from a natural tissue, some degree of stretch is inherent to SurgiMend. The product may be stretched intraoperatively at the surgeon’s discretion.

Does SurgiMend have to be implanted/applied with a specific side up?

No. There is no sidedness associated with SurgiMend. It may be placed in any orientation.

Is a bovine sensitivity skin test required prior to implantation/application of SurgiMend?

No. This test is associated with other collagen preparations, e.g. injectable collagen, and is not required for SurgiMend.

Can SurgiMend be used in infected/contaminated surgical sites?

SurgiMend should be used with caution in regions where infection exists. Collagen is susceptible to break-down in the presence of bacterial enzymes. Use of this product should be avoided when low pH solutions (i.e. stomach acid, bile) are present, as these substances can also rapidly degrade collagen. Please refer to the Instructions for Use included with each device for complete warnings and contraindications.

Can SurgiMend be resterilized?

No. The product is ethylene oxide sterilized for single-patient use only.

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