AccVeinSystemThe term “Augmented Reality” was coined in 1990 to refer to computer generated images which are overlaid onto the real world. Since then, many promising technologies have come and gone, but vein visualisation, which displays a map of the vasculature on the surface of the skin, has shown a steady growth rate of adoption.

This growth is exemplified by AccuVein, the leader in vein visualisation, which boasts a 40% year on year growth rate and widespread adoption of its AccuVein AV400 devices. An estimated 10 million patients* have already been helped by AccuVein.

The device allows clinicians to identify veins that couldn’t be seen or located otherwise. The thousands of facilities that deploy AccuVein have felt the benefit when using vein visualisation to help locate veins for IV starts and drawing blood. It also allows cosmetic physicians to use it to avoid veins for Botox and filler injectables.

A growing body of clinical evidence shows that use of the AccuVein device significantly improves the ability to access a vein on the first try, improving by 98% in a paediatric study, and 96% in an adult study. The evidence also shows that patient pain is reduced by 59% in paediatrics and 39% in adults, thanks to the use of the device. The Infusion Nurses Society, a leading standards agency, is recommending vein visualisation, stating that, “Vein visualisation technology can improve success rates, and decrease unsuccessful insertion attempts.”

“Our original vision for AccuVein involved a future where vein visualisation technology became the standard of care, providing an additional layer of information to clinicians regarding the location of veins to improve procedures and improve care,” said Vinny Luciano, AccuVein’s V.P. of Marketing. “We are now seeing this vision becoming a reality.”

AccuVein’s V.P. of Engineering, Joe Zott, and V.P. of Marketing, Vinny Luciano, spoke about AccuVein as a premier augmented reality solution and participated in a healthcare panel at the Augmented World Expo on June 9th in Santa Clara, California.

About AccuVein Inc.
AccuVein Inc. is the global leader in vein visualisation technology. AccuVein’s flagship product, the AV400, is the world’s only hand-held, non-contact, vein illumination solution.
AccuVein is exclusively distributed in the UK by Q Medical Technologies.

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