AccuVein AV500

Achieve rapid, successful venous access with minimal patient pain.


AccuVein AV500 improves patient outcomes and satisfaction by helping to identify veins for venipuncture as well as locating and avoiding valves and bifurcations.

AV500 – achieving the new standard of care

Many AccuVein customers are incorporating vein visualization into their standard operating procedures. They recognize that using the device hospital-wide helps provide the best care possible. The many studies supporting vein visualization coupled with the Infusion Nurses Society vein visualization recommendation, point to it as a “must have” to ensure the best outcomes for your patients and your facility.

  • 98% improvement in first stick success rate
  • 45% reduction in escalation calls
  • 81% reported improved ability to cannulate
  • 59% reduction in pain
  • 24% improvement in catheter dwell time
  • 78% reduction in procedure time
  • 93% of patients surveyed would give hospitals a higher satisfaction score if they used AccuVein

8 out of 10 Hospitals choose AccuVein vein visualization


“Visualization technology can improve success rates, decrease unsuccessful insertion attempts and improve patient satisfaction.” Infusion Nurses Society Guidelines

9 reasons to choose AccuVein

Uniquely easy to use. No calibration, adjustment or preventative maintenance necessary and works at four or more inches from the skin’s surface.

True handheld. Small, lightweight, hand-held or hands-free. The AccuVein fits in your hand and weighs only 275 grams.

Battery recharges in unit. No need to remove the battery. Just plug it into an electrical outlet during use. Charge in cradle or stand and run unplugged for hours.

Movement tolerant. Shows veins in real time so the device can accommodate patient and clinician movement.

Accurate. Permanently aligned, no calibration testing needed; center line accurate to less than the width of a human hair.

All patients. Works on a broad range of patients, including neonates, dark skinned, and obese patients.

Medical grade design. Non-contact, medical grade design. No vents or openings allows the device to simply be wiped clean without special tools.

Protective cover option. Adds a layer of protection without compromising the crisp vein image. Use with every patient to supplement your cleaning procedures, or as a standard of care in isolation settings.

Hands-free choice. Rapid handheld assessment quickly converts to hands free.

Training videos and guides

AccuVein Training

Vein visualising in Laparoscopic surgery using AccuVein

WARNING: Video shows graphic surgical procedures.

Cosmetic Doctor incorporates AccuVein in his cosmetic practice to deliver bruise free injectable treatments

WARNING: Video shows graphic surgical procedures.

AccuVein for laser therapy

WARNING: Video shows graphic surgical procedures.

AccuVein guided foam treatment

WARNING: Video shows graphic surgical procedures.


Download the brochure

Including AV500 technical specifications plus optional extras including charging and unpowered wheeled stands and the AccuVein protective cover


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