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SmoothWave – Superior precision, versatility, and safety during surgical procedures

In animal health settings surgical equipment needs to be efficient and reliable with such a diverse array of patients. SmoothWave Radiofrequency technology offers your veterinary practice versatility, adaptability and safety every time.

Soniquence and the Ellman family is dedicated to providing medical, veterinary, and dental practices with state-of-the-art, industry-leading radiofrequency technology. Our coupled radiofrequency technology utilizes patented 4.0 MHz and 1.7MHz radiofrequency technology to improve patient safety, outcomes, and experiences.


With a 4.0 MHz monopolar and 1.7 MHz bipolar output frequency in one unit, Soniquence generators utilize proprietary waveforms which aid in best-in-class cutting with simultaneous coagulation. With the SmoothWave i100 and i200 for your surgical procedures, you can ensure tissues surrounding the incision are safe from unintended thermal injuries, resulting in improved healing with a lower risk of complications.

BiPolar and tissue matching technologies

Soniquence and the Ellman family have evolved SmoothWave technology to include Bipolar TURBO for the coagulation of larger bleeding vessels and bipolar dissection. Soniquence’s SmoothWave Tissue Matching Technology ensures a smooth cut through various tissue types by adapting radiofrequency (RF) modes according to the tissue’s water content.

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“Incorporate Soniquence Technology into your veterinary practice”

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Surgical instrumentation and accessories

Enhance the SmoothWave i200 and i100’s efficiency with our smart surgical instrument accessories. Our instruments enable easier entry into tissues and improve coagulation accuracy. Our tools are compatible with both of our medical radiofrequency units. We invite you to explore our selection to find the right accessories for your practice.

BiPolar forceps

3 button fingerswitch

BiPolar scissors

BiPolar forceps – single use

Suction coagulator

“Incorporate Soniquence Technology into your veterinary practice”

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