AccuVein’s for Children at the Royal Free And Barnet

Supporters of the Royal Free Charity enable various clinical departments to purchase extra medical equipment that falls outside the scope of NHS funding but can complement a patient’s medical treatment and improve their experience.


Ilana told us ‘after a visit with my toddler to the Royal Free A&E, I discovered that they do not have an Accuvein: a device that illuminates a patient’s veins to assist clinicians when taking blood. It is particularly helpful when taking blood from children to help the staff find the best vein on the first try, and I had seen a similar gadget in use at Great Ormond Street. After conversations with the Royal Free Charity, consultants at the Royal Free, and equipment company Q Medical Technologies, I decided to fundraise so that the Accuvein Illuminator machines could be purchased to help future patients.’ Ilana has raised £10,572 to purchase three Accuvein Illuminator machines with stands, for Royal Free Paediatric A&E and the Paediatric Ward, and Barnet Paediatric A&E. There is still a need for a fourth Accuvein for the Royal Free Children’s Clinic, to reduce patient’s distress when having blood taken, as well as lower infection rates due to accuracy. If you would like to contribute please go to:

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