Air Sentry have developed a unique range of products aimed at keeping air ultra clean.

The premise is simple:

If it is not there then it cannot hurt you, it cannot cause infections and it cannot harm those in your care.
Air is the forgotten pathway in modern infection control and our systems allow health care professionals to alter this making their infection control procedures more robust.

All Air Sentry systems also reduce smell and environmental chemical levels.

Air Sentry runs 24/7 keeping room air constantly Ultra clean using similar technology to UltraClean ventilation canopies used for orthopaedic surgery but at much lower cost and with minimal noise or environmental disruption.

Air Sentry Users

Queen Victoria Hospital Burns OR, East Grinstead

Kettering ITU

Kettering PICU

Belfast Royal Victoria

Belfast Children’s Hospital

Ealing General ITU

Scarborough ITU

North Staffordshire Infectious Diseases Unit

North Staffordshire Oncology

North Staffordshire ITU

Air Sentry Information Leaflets

Air Sentry

Air Sentry Mounting Bracket Installation Sheet

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