The world’s most advanced patient lateral transfer and repositioning system using air-flow technology


What is the ATM-Airpod?

The ATM-Airpod is an air mattress that uses in-built, adaptive and self-regulating technology for the safe and efficient transfer and repositioning of patients.

Its precise arrangement of air-collection, distribution and expulsion chambers – known as ‘pods’ – reduces the lateral transfer weight of a patient by about 90%, which minimises the level of manual handling needed for the ‘push and pull’ forces involved in moving or repositioning.

How does the ATM-Airpod work?

The air supply to the pods is carefully regulated by the ATM-Airpod’s adaptive and self-regulating air-flow technology.


It responds automatically to a patient’s profile, expelling (through perforations in the base of the mattress) the precise amount air needed to raise the mattress just enough to reduce contact – and therefore friction – between it and the surface below.

Its ability to regulate precisely the height clearance needed, as well as its advanced stabilising features, makes the ATM-Airpod one of the safest, most comfortable and one of the easiest-to-use lateral transfer and repositioning systems in the world.

Strong as well as safe


The ATM-Airpod is unique in its construction and use of high quality materials, not just in its safety and efficiency.

It is the only lateral transfer and repositioning device using air-flow technology, that is 100% HF-welded.

The HF (high frequency) welding process uses electromagnetic energy to create a permanent bond between the thermoplastic materials in the air mattress.

This gives the ATM-Airpod a significant safety, comfort and performance advantage that would not be available from using other manufacturing processes, as it provides the hermetic seal the mattress needs in key areas to enable it to effectively control its air flow systems.

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