Why Choose POLYTECH Implants

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics offers a wide range of products for reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery. The physical properties of the silicone implants, especially those of the mammary implants, have been optimised to resemble human tissue. Thus, they now perfectly meet the needs of this type of surgery. Additionally, all products are available in a variety of forms and sizes.

POLYTECH implants manufactured in Germany

  • Logical Implant System for projections, shapes and sizes
  • POLYTECH use: Silicone gel for the shell and complied Bound gel in the implant both of which are FDA approved
  • POLYTECH use Nusil for the shell and Applied for the inner gel
  • POLYTECH product is tested way to and far beyond set guidelines
  • POLYTECH went to full production of implants in 2008
  • Speciality and outsized implants have however been made in Germany for the last 15-20 years!
  • POLYTECH have always sold Microthane in Europe
  • All current data has come out of Europe
  • All stock and quality control has always been done in Germany (for 25 years)
  • All packing and sterilisation has always been done in Germany (for 25 years)
  • POLYTECH use dry heat to sterilise

The design, production, distribution and customer service are controlled by a Quality Management System according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485. The products are CE-certified and meet all European and other applicable standards.

All materials are tested and provide the appropriate quality and compatibility. Ongoing tests are carried out to control for example the mechanical properties such as elongation, tensile strength and circumstances for material fatigue. All sterile products are sterilised using a validated procedure which is carefully controlled and in which every batch must be certified as being sterile by an independent and renowned laboratory – Institute Fresenius – before the products are released for use.

Smooth-coated silicone implants have produced satisfying results for some 40 years. Especially with mammary implants, there exists the risk of capsular fibrosis. By choosing MicroPolyurethane-foam Surfaced mammary implants from POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics you can minimise this risk. Silicone implants with textured shells also produce less occurence of capsular fibrosis as both, MPS and textured implants, reduce the length and orientation of the capsular tissue fibres.

Why Use POLYTECH from Q Medical?

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Medical devices for scar treatment, liposuction, micro-pigmentation and dermabrasion complete the POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics product range.

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