B-Lite® the first and only Lightweight Breast Implants in the world available from 1st January 2019

Up to 30% lighter than conventional implants – B-Lite® implants reduce the stress and strain on the breast soft tissue, and maintain the shape and appearance of the breast in the long term.

The uniquely lightweight B-Lite® series has revolutionised the world of breast implants and is considered one of the most significant developments in the industry over the last 30 years.

Up to 30% lighter than traditional implants, they provide the same fullness and firmness look and feel.

To achieve this, B-Lite® combine proven materials with breakthrough technology: the standard silicone gel filling is enhanced with special microspheres and is designed to reduce the effects of gravity. The result is an implant that combines comfort with sustainable aesthetics.

B-Lite® breast implants minimise stress on the breast and connective tissue – even with large models. Thus, they retain a natural, attractive shape and ensure a more relaxed wear.

The B-Lite® series implants are currently manufactured in round and anatomical shapes and are available with POLYtxt® surfaces.