Andy – I am close to securing the support of the ‘traumapods’ at the General.  I have used it personally on 5 patients (3 patients in the field), 3 of whom had significant unstable injuries requiring definitive surgery, with excellent outcomes. Ex fixes were avoided in 3 patients.

I don’t need any more convincing on the value of this product..


I used the T-pod while working in my own emergency department this weekend in a 42 year old parachutist with an open book pelvis and a proximal femoral fracture.

My orthopaedic colleagues were most impressed because:

  1.  It achieved near anatomical reduction of the fracture and patient stabilised very quickly
  2. It was simply to apply at the time of Thomas splint application using procedural sedation (ketamine /Midazolam) at the end of the primary survey in the ED
  3. It proved unnecessary to apply an external fixation device at anytime
  4. It was well tolerated by patient on ward until definitive surgery 48 hours after admission
  5. The patient found it particularly helpful (comfortable) on log rolling on the ward etc

I do not think there is much else to prove in terms of its cost effectiveness.

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