The ultimate value in permanent laser hair reduction technology.

Now, the Sandstone™ Cheveux™ Diode Laser with Smooth Flow technology makes 810nm permanent hair reduction affordable for you and your clients.


More successful permanent hair reduction has been accomplished worldwide with the 810nm wavelength than with any other laser wavelength.

Demonstrated efficacy in hair reduction across all skin types has earned the wavelength the “gold standard” designation, which is supported by a significant body of clinical research and publications.

Now the Sandstone Cheveux Diode laser makes it easier —and more affordable—than ever to deliver first-class permanent hair reduction to your clients.


Flexible Delivery of Energy to Lightweight Ergonomic Handpiece

The lightweight ergonomic handpiece combines an integrated contact-cooling sapphire tip and flexible delivery of laser energy for greater operator comfort and client safety.

This intuitive control panel lets the operator choose Smooth Flow (fast hair removal) or standard hair removal, enabling fine tuning of repetition rate and fluence. Often used settings can be saved and recalled as needed. The small footprint of the Cheveux™ console conserves space in the treatment room.
The Cheveux Diode 810nm wavelength penetrates deeply enough to reach the hair bulb where it is selectively absorbed by the melanin in the hair shaft, thermally destroying the bulb and effectively resulting in permanent hair reduction.

810nm Diode Laser – CLINICAL USES

Unwanted Hair (On Face, Axilla, Legs, etc.)


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