Q Medical Technologies Ltd

Q Medical Technologies Ltd is an independent UK company founded in 2004. The company occupies premises in Cumbria.  In May 2009, Q Medical Technologies Ltd joined the Q Technologies group of companies.

Q Medical distributes and markets a range of medical devices. These include SurgiMend (ADM) Polytech implants, Ellman Radio Frequency machines, Ellman medical lasers, infection control and pain relieving products.

We have full representative coverage within the UK and Ireland.  Our representatives also provide “in house” clinical training on all products.  We also have specialist training available from Registered clinicians, who provide additional specialist training if and when required.


Increase Patient Satisfaction, Accelerate Recovery Times, and Reduce Operating Costs The Accufuser is a flexible and easy-to-use pain management read more

MAT Tourniquet

U.S. troops are currently equipped with Kevlar body armour and helmets that have decreased the number of fatalities resulting read more

SurgiMend® PRS™

SurgiMend® PRS™ – for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery SurgiMend® PRS™ is an acellular biologic matrix designed specifically for plastic and read more


POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics offers a wide range of products for reconstructive and aesthetic plastic surgery read more

Air Sentry

Air Sentry have developed a unique range of products aimed at keeping air ultra clean. The premise is simple: read more

THOR UVC™ Disinfection system

THOR™ is the latest continuous wave UV-C surface and air disinfection technology designed specifically for the hospital and healthcare read more

Accuvein supplied by Q Medical Technologies
AccuVein AV 500

AccuVein is the most effective way to find veins up to 10mm depth in the most difficult patients read more


  Back to T-POD T-POD® Pelvic Stabilizer 1. What is simultaneous circumferential compression? When a sheet or other width read more

SurgiMend e3.0

As part of the SurgiMend family of collagen matrices for soft tissue reconstruction, SurgiMend-e is specifically designed for application read more

T-POD Testimonials
T-POD Testimonials

Andy – I am close to securing the support of the ‘traumapods’ at the General.  I have used it read more

Airpod-ATM Air Transfer Mattress

The ATM-Airpod is an air mattress that uses in-built, adaptive and self-regulating technology for the safe and efficient transfer read more

T-POD Advantages
T-POD Advantages

The T-POD Pelvic Stabilizer from Q Medical Technologies Ltd is a rapid and effective device for treating pelvic trauma, read more

Pelvic Injury Paper
Pelvic Injury Paper

Pelvic Injuries Can Be Devastating Traumatic injuries from motorcycle or automobile accidents, falls, and industrial accidents are all causes read more

Published Literature for T-pod
Published Literature for T-pod

  Back to T Pod Pelvic Stabilization Tintanalli JE, Krome RL, Ruiz E, (eds): Emergency Medicine A Comprehensive Study read more

T-POD Articles and Papers
T-POD Articles and Papers

  Back to T Pod Please feel free to download any papers and articles from our web site. Injury read more

SurgiMend 3.0

SurgiMend, used by General, Plastic and Reconstructive and Trauma surgeons alike, offers clear advantages over synthetic and other biologic read more