Strength and flexibility you can rely on.

SurgiMend® PRS Meshed is unique; it is an expandable acellular dermal matrix derived from foetal bovine dermis, which provides up to twice the initial coverage once fully hydrated. Sterile and ready to use ensuring critical and costly theatre time is optimised.

The PRS Family of Acellular Dermal Matrices

WARNING: Videos show graphic surgical procedures.

The first MHRA approved ADM solution for pre-pectoral implant based reconstruction. Strong and flexible enough to meet the needs of plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

What Does It Do?

SurgiMend® PRS Meshed is indicated for plastic and reconstructive surgery, including specifically breast reconstruction. The matrix is used to support and stabilize the breast implant, ensuring it is held in the correct position on the chest wall. It minimises unwanted movement as SurgiMend® PRS Meshed conforms to the surface of the breast implant more completely than fenestrated or solid products.

SurgiMend® PRS Meshed is made from exactly the same bovine dermis we produce our sub pectoral PRS products from and works in harmony with your patients own tissues providing dependable support – without inflammation.

Key Advantages

  • The ideal solution to pre-pec implant based reconstruction
  • High in type III collagen
  • Hydrates quickly
  • No detrimental inflammatory response
  • Classified as a category 4 non-irritant by the World Health Organisation
  • Excellent handling characteristics with the strength to control and support the implant
  • Mesh expansion up to ~18cm x 22cm*
  • Rapid revascularisation to support tissue building
  • Easily conforms to round or anatomical breast implants

SurgiMend® PRS™ Meshed product information

Sizes and product codes

Order Details
SurgiMend® PRS Meshed
ReferenceDescriptionNominal Thickness
SM-606-907-00120 cm x 10 cm Meshed
Expands to ~18 cm x 22 cm*
* When hydrated and fully expanded.
1 mm

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